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About Me

study for hand5-oil on canvas-40x40cm-2006.jpg

Francesco Masci is an artist who has shown extensively in Europe and the U.S. in both group and solo exhibits.

Born in Rome, he moved to New York in 2005.

Masci’s solo credits includes “Godi…menti” at La Sapienza University of Rome (2003) and “La Verita’ del Paradosso, il Paradosso della Verita’, at the avant garde cultural space of Cantieresanbernardo, Pisa (2006).

Group shows include “The Biennial of Humor in art”, Tolentino (2001), “I Neonrealisti”, at the Mondrian Suite Gallery, Rome (2005), Francis Naumann Gallery’s “The Demoiselles Revisited”, Manhattan, New York (2007), “4 Slices”, an exhibition at the Pool Art Fair, Manhattan, New York (2010), “The Unaffordable Art Fair” at NY Gallery, Manhattan, New York (2010), “The Knickerboker Art Fair, New Rochelle, New York (2010), “Desire and Disillusion”, Parlor Club, Manhattan (2010), New York, “Haired”, LMT Gallery at Art Miami (2011), “Guilty/Not Guilty”, Norte Maar Gallery, Brooklyn, New York (2011), “Flush” at Fountain Art Fair, Art Miami (2012), “Domesticated Space Travellers”, Galerie Project, Brooklyn, New York (2015) and “Masks of Courage/Defining True Identity” at Gallery House, Brooklyn, New York (2016), “Metalogue” at 59 Rivoli, Paris (2019).

As a political cartoonist, in previous years (1998/2005) Masci’s satirical work has appeared regularly in Italian publications such as Par Condicio and La Piazza, and daily on national newspapers as Il Tempo and Italiasera.

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